The 5 very best restaurants in Italy - This is Italy (2024)

A culinary glimpse into the world of top Italian restaurants with no less than three Michelin stars. Get to know the five very best restaurants in Italy.

Crispy pizzas, generous portions of pasta and unlimited amounts of antipasti. It is no secret that you can enjoy delicious food in Italy. But the country also proves itself in the field of fine dining. The Michelin stars for 2017 were recently awarded and Italy has the second most stars of any country in the world. And we totally get that!

The country currently has 294 one-star, 41 two-star and eight three-star restaurants. Only France, homeland of the tire farmer who created the award, does even better.

Michelin stars: a brief history

A bit of history: Michelin started handing out guidebooks around 1900 to point drivers to the best places to eat and hotels. In the 30s, the guide to one-star restaurants was launched. In the XNUMXs, the two and three stars followed, which have been awarded every year since then.

The Michelin star is one of the most renowned awards you can receive as a catering owner or chef. Obtaining a star is seen as a proof of appreciation and there is therefore a lot of press attention for the annual award. A star can be a huge boost to a restaurant's reputation. On the other hand, the loss of a star can be devastating. It is therefore also said that it is more challenging to maintain a Michelin star than to earn one.

Do you have any idea what to expect at a three-star restaurant? No, we didn't either. That is why we have listed five of the best Italian restaurants, each with three Michelin stars, for you.

1. Osteria Francescana, Modena

Let's start with not just one: Osteria Francescana is the world's best restaurant according to a thousand gastronomy experts. Yes, let that sink in for a moment. The three-star restaurant is located in the northern Italian city of Modena and last year dethroned the old number one, the Danish Noma.

What can you expect on your plate in this culinary gem? Italian classics reinvented and improved by the passionate chef Massimo Bottura and his team. so you have The famous five ages of Parmigiano Reggiano. Get to know the famous regional cheese from the inside out in this unique dish by experimenting with the temperatures, textures and taste of the dairy product. And that is daring in a country where the food culture is deeply rooted.

In Osteria Francescana there are twelve tables spread over three elegant rooms. Art and music, especially jazz, are important sources of inspiration for both the food and the restaurant design. Think of walls full of hip, contemporary art. Yet Bottura knows a luxury at the same time fine diningmaintain atmosphere.

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2. Piazza Duomo, Alba

At Piazza Duomo in northwestern Italy, great value is placed on regional products. The restaurant is located in the town of Alba in the region piedmont: a real food mecca where rice, vegetables, fruit and nuts are grown. The area is also known as the best wine region in Italy and for the famous truffle harvest that takes place in October.

White truffles and hazelnuts from chef Enrico Crippa's own garden are ingredients that you can expect on your plate. One dish that stands out from the menu is the colorful mosaic of seasonal fruits and vegetables called Panna Cotta Matisse.

Piazza Duomo was founded by a family of wine producers and merchants. This allows wine lovers to indulge in the restaurant, where dozens of different types of (regional) wines are offered. The interior is also related to this alcoholic tidbit: vines and the local landscape are depicted on the baby pink colored walls.

You can complete your visit to this renowned restaurant by staying overnight in the adjacent boutiqe hotel.

3. Da Vittorio, Brusaporto Bergamo

At Da Vittorio, they take into account the changing seasons and the products that go with them. The menu is therefore regularly adjusted and is always up-to-date. In the site located in the municipality of Brusaporto in the region Lombardy it is all about good care, attention and continuing to discover culinary themes. According to the Da Vittorio team, this is the only way to satisfy all taste buds.

Expect a lot of fish, shellfish, game, mushrooms, truffles, vegetables and fruit. The restaurant attaches value to healthy food, which means that a lot of raw products are used. By combining this with the Lombardy gastronomy, the menu is filled with dishes such as Rossini style pigeon, with foie gras and white truffle en Deconstructed scorpion fish, stewed and raw.

Nice to know: the restaurant organizes themed evenings where a different regional product is in the spotlight each time.

4. Dal Pescatore, Canneto sull'Oglio

Round tables covered with large white cloths, lots of pastel colors everywhere, ducks hopping around and a loyal golden retriever: it doesn't get much more traditionally Italian than at Dal Pescatore in Lombardy. You have the idea that you are eating at your grandmother's, except that grandmother has three Michelin stars. The restaurant opened no less than ninety years ago and is run by the Santini family.

That tradition is important to the owners is clear from the menu, which is full of decades-old family recipes. Dal Pescatore does something clever with these recipes. They are all being modernized. For example, the current healthier lifestyle of many people is taken into account by the Pumpkin tortelli for example to serve with less butter and Parmesan cheese. Just a little healthier. As delicious as.

5. Le Calandre, Rubano

Once upon a time there were two brothers. Massimiliano and Raffaele Alajmo, who inherited a restaurant from their parents. The pair have spent the past ten years growing their place, La Calandre, into something very special.

Many Michelin-starred restaurants are known for serving mini-portions with a lot of allure, but that doesn't happen at Le Calandre. The restaurant is distinguished by the modern cooking style of chef Massmiliano. Think simple, delicious food and portions that fill the stomach. Popular dishes are the saffron, juniper, licorice powder risotto and the crispy buffalo ricotta. All worth trying.

Interesting to know: Massimiliano is the youngest chef ever to have three Michelin stars to his name.

Which of these restaurants would you most like to have a bite to eat? Let us know and respond!

Sources: theworlds50best.comand, footage: YouTube

The 5 very best restaurants in Italy - This is Italy (2024)
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