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In accord with the practice of scuba charter professionals, you will be expected to produce a valid C-card from a recogonized certifying agency, to sign a liability release and to complete a medical information form before the boat leaves the dock. No C-card, No diving, No refund. PLEASE bring your C-card.

Straits Scuba Center, its officers, employees, agents and representatives are acting solely for the purpose of providing transportation to and from the dive sites. You are responsible for the condition and selection of your equipment, your diving practices, selection of your dive buddy, and the assessment of your diving abilities. You recogonize that scuba diving carries with it the inherent risk of injury or death and agree to assume such risks.

If you have a medical condition that may impair your ability to dive, please bring a statement from your physician stating that you are qualified to dive despite the medical condition. We are not trying to be difficult about this - we just don't want to see you hurt.

We strongly urge you to review your health insurance policy before diving to be certain that diving related injuries are covered as well as emergency transportation. If you do not already have it, you should also get DAN insurance before diving.

In order to enable you to review and complete the liability release before you arrive. That form can be viewed/printed here in Adobe Acrobat Reader® (you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader® here if you need it). Please read it before signing.

Liability Release



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